Our Company


Greetings and welcome to MyHistoryMatters company page.  Feel free to browse the website and to take advantage of our archives and research services. We are very excited about establishing a distinct presence on the internet and offering more services to more people. Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with our mission statement and a brief profile of the President of MyHistoryMatters,  Dr. Sean T. Moore.


Our Mission Statement

1. MyHistoryMatters is dedicated to building a free interactive online archive where members get to be the researcher and the archivist.

2. MyHistoryMatters is dedicated to bringing people together to share and understand the relevance of their history.

3.  MyHistoryMatters is dedicated to encouraging people to embrace their role as authors, observers, and participants in history.

4. MyHistoryMatters is dedicated to providing a comfortable and friendly environment where individuals can use our site’s many features to retell, relive, record, share, and store their history and memories.

5.  MyHistoryMatters is dedicated to providing the tools and education to empower people to contribute and participate in the process of  making history.

6. MyHistoryMatters is dedicated to meeting the needs and interest of the general public and those trained in the field of history and related disciplines.