Frequently Asked Questions

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Uploads And Downloads

What can I upload?

You can upload historical materials of all types as well as your own memories.  Do not upload materials that are not owned by you, that violate copyright laws, or the laws of  the United States.  For more details on this subject please read our Membership, Archives, and Payment Policy page.

Does MyHistoryMatters accept all file uploads?

No.  Files are sometimes rejected if they are deemed in conflict with MyHistoryMatters mission statement, have technical issues, or violate other policies

When I upload a file to the CommunityMemory Archive I do not see it on my screen. Why?

Files uploaded to the CommunityMemory Archive are reviewed before being placed in the archive and thus do not immediately appear on MyHistoryMatters web site.

How many files are members allowed to upload to the CommunityMemory Archive?

We recommend that members upload no more than two file a week. Currently, MyHistoryMatters does not have an official limit on file uploads, but will impose limits on members who abuse the upload privileges. 

How big of a file can I upload to the CommunityMemory Archive?

8 MB is the file size limit. 

What can I do if my file is too large to upload?

For files that are too large you need to break them up into smaller files

What file format should I use for uploading documents or photos?


How many files are members allowed to download from the Archive?

Four files a month.



The research rates listed on the services page list the customer’s cost as the hourly rate plus expenses. What items are usually billed as expenses? 

Expenses include, but are not limited to mileage, photocopying, postal, and phone charges incurred in the course of completing requested services.