Membership, Archives & Payment Policy

Our Membership and Payment Policy was last updated August 28, 2017

This document is our policy regarding payments, refunds, services, archive use, membership rules and governs our website,, sub-domains, and any associated web-based and mobile applications as owned and operated by MyHistoryMatters, Inc.


Payment For Services

By submitting a request for MyHistoryMatters, Inc. services you are agreeing to the following terms:

That you will pay in full in US currency the amount of the services requested and the expensive associated with that particular service and for any additional services and expenses associated with said original service request

That services include the hourly rate associated with each service as listed on MyHistoryMatters, Inc. website plus any expenses accrued in the execution of the requested services

That expenses include, but are not limited to mileage, photocopying, postal, and phone charges incurred in the course of completing requested services

That any fees resulting from cancelled checks, insufficient funds, and other such penalties are the responsibility of the party requesting services and as such will be billed to said party as an expense



That MyHistoryMatters, Inc. has the right to subcontract to qualified third parties for certain parts of services requested when such subcontracting is necessary for purposes of  accomplishing the completion of a requested service.  The following provisions pertaining to subcontracting will apply:

That subcontracting will be billed as part of the hourly rate stated in the service requested

That the hourly rate from the subcontracted party will not be higher than the rate MyHistoryMatters, Inc. charges for said service

That subcontracting will not be billed as additional hours beyond that requested


Delivery Of  Services And Results

That MyHistoryMatters, Inc. will fulfill to the best of its ability service request in as timely a manner as possible and that the completion of such services will vary depending on the nature of the service, the hours requested, prior commitment to other customers, and other obligations that naturally result from day to day operation of the company’s business

That hiring MyHistoryMatters, Inc is not a guarantee that the information and materials sought by the party hiring our research and retrieval services will be found, be accessible, be available to purchase or copy, or lead to the results desired

That MyHistoryMatters, Inc. may keep copies of historical materials that comes into its possession from visitors and members of it’s web site and in the course of fulfilling service request and furthermore maintains the right to use such materials where appropriate to carry on its mission of storing, sharing, recording, and researching the people’s history


Cancellation And Refunds For Services

MyHistoryMatters, Inc., does not provide refunds of purchased services that have been completed.

You can cancel a service request within 48 hours of submitting it and receive a full refund

If you cancel a requested service 48 hours or more after submitting it, but before work has begun on your request, you will be billed $10 and the remainder will be refunded

Services cancelled 48 hours or more after submission and which work has begun may be considered for a partial refund on a case-by-case basis.


Archives Policy

The materials on our web site and specifically in our archives is provided to members for educational, research, and enrichment  purposes and also as primary source material for individuals and organizations writing original content on various subjects

Membership at gives individuals the right to upload, read, and download historical materials, but does not constitute a sale of said materials or a transfer of ownership rights of  said downloaded materials

By uploading materials to the Community Memory Archive or other services, you are agreeing to the following terms:

That you are the rightful owner of the materials you upload

That the material you upload is not in violation of copyright laws

Copyright Law Guidelines

That the material is free from any detrimental elements such as viruses or spy ware

That the material does not violate the laws of New York or the United States

That the material is not offensive or inappropriate

That the material does not violate any of the policies laid out by

That MyHistoryMatters, Inc., reserves the right to deny the upload of certain materials at its own discretion in addition to the conditions enumerated in the previous provisions

That material uploaded to our archives is available to other members to not only view and read, but to download

That MyHistoryMatters, Inc. is not responsible for how members of our web site use materials downloaded from the archive and other public and membership sections

That by uploading material to the archive or other such services we offer, you are giving MyHistoryMatters, Inc., the unlimited right to permanently use said materials regardless of your future relationship with us or your membership status


All accounts are subject to the provisions in our Terms of Service and other policies regarding MyHistoryMatters, Inc. and its’ website

MyHistoryMatters, Inc. reserves the right to cancel accounts that violate any of its’ policies, terms, or rules and reserves the right to cancel accounts at its own discretion when it is in the company’s best interest

MyHistoryMatters, Inc. maintains the unlimited right to change the terms of membership at its’ discretion

MyHistoryMatters, Inc., will notify it members of any such changes to these terms in a timely manner


Cancellation Of Membership

You can cancel an account at any time by using the My Account page